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Nov. 5th, 2005 @ 06:01 pm Puerto Rican Airplanes
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I went to Puerto Rico last week. yep. I had fun...except my plane ride back was a nightmare from hell. well then again...where else would a nightmare come from...alaska, ireland, africa? who knows....anyways. My flight from San Juan to Boston is where it all began. yes...it was a dark scary rainiy night on october 31st 1872. He came running to me and said someone robbed him of his purse, i couldnt believe there would be someone so heartless as to....*clears throat* oh sorry...wrong story

as i was saying

My plane was supped to arrive in Boston aproximately at 5:26 pm, well it didn't untill about 6:10ish. I had about 15 minutes to get to my next terminal which didn't seem like such a big deal, being that my plane pulled into B12 and my next flight took off from B24. I walked to the end of the terminal only to find that it stoped at B21. I frantically attempted asking airline people how to get to B24. Some of which responded with "I don't know" or "I'm not with US Airways, I can't help you"...finally a security guard, showed me i had to exit security cross a parking garage, and enter security again. Well I went to the terminal...and of course i missed the flight. They had to rebook me...and me being the whip i am started crying...the nice little flight attendant dude felt sorry for me and kept telling me to quit crying, b/c he would take care of me and be my friend. When I got on the plane to now go to New York, the airport was so packed. It took us 45 minutes before we were even able to take off, therefore we got to New York late, and i only had 10 minutes to catch my plane to Raleigh, my little flight attendant dude called and had a bus waiting at the terminal for me, and made sure i got off the plane first and onto the bus which speed around the airport and got me to my terminal just in time. I got into Raleigh oh about 11:30ish...i origionally expected to get home at midnight. I went to go get my suitcase...which believe it or not...hadn't come in yet. I was also starving, b/c i hadnt eaten since like 1ish before i got on the first plane. I drove around looking for something to eat found a 24 hour taco bell. Once I got on the highway...ironically i got lost...and wasted a half an hour. But it was a great trip...when i have more time ill post some pretty pictures of Puerto Rico.
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