Don't forget to laugh

26 August
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There may be thunder, may be lightning, maybe times of howling wind, if you sleep with open windows and you let the night come in. Maybe Voices will disturb your rest, maybe pleasant, maybe mean, maybe nightingales or siren whails, will interrupt your dreams; but the sleep you loose is a small, small price, for the songs that come inside, there is music you can only hear, through the windows open wide. If you open up your heart to love, it might just be the same, with the music of the mourning dove, may come lightning and some rain. You can close your heart to every hurt, you can hide from every fear, but the walls that keep you safe inside, mean your heart will never hear. So go into this fallen world, with music for the day, thw songs that God has given us, we were meant to give away. -Allen Levi